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Recompiling the arduino bootloader


Some time ago I needed to recompile the Arduino bootloader for the ATmega8 MCU. Unfortunately I run into one problem - the generated executable code was too big. I write this to share the workaround I've found. If you don't know what I'm talking about, but are curious to learn scroll down for a quick explanation.

Basically when trying to compile the bootloader it doesn't fit in the 1KB designated space. The error spewed out is something like:

address 0x203e of ATmegaBOOT.elf section .text is not within region text.

Article translation - on demand

A long time ago I naively thought that I will have the desire to translate every post here to English or Bulgarian. Well, it turned out I don't write much at all, whatever the language.

Now I have a new burst of enthusiasm, but I'm really too lazy to do translations. I will write a resume of every Bulgarian article in English. If you find it interesting, just post a comment that you want it translated. I don't promise a deadline, but I'll try to do it.


svn: Cannot replace a directory from within


Yesterday I was trying to do a merge in a svn repository using a command like:

rado@ubuntu-laptop:~/svn-wc/$svn merge svn:// svn://

just to get the really strange error - "svn: Cannot replace a directory from within".

After reading through mailing lists messages, bug reports and anything else I could find about this error there was no enlightenment.

In the end the cause turned out to be a simple typo in one of my very/long/paths.

First post!


For some time now I have been thinking about testing the new Drupal 6.0 code. For an even longer period of time I have been planning to actually put something on my little piece of the Internet.

You know - a webpage to publish some useful information for the rest of the world to enjoy, or not so useful rants to just make me feel better.

So, here it is!

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